Cyber Security

Here at IT 42 your privacy and cyber security is of the utmost importance to us.

Let’s face it, with so much of your life online it is vital to protect yourself from hackers and cyber criminals, meanwhile hoping that the government and the police are out there protecting us.

Did you know that it only takes one misplaced click of the mouse and the hacker or cyber-criminal can be inside your computer, tablet or smart phone taking any information that they want?  Your personal and private information is worth a lot of money to these people.

The Australian Government now collects and stores your personal and private information in relation to everything you do online.  You might say “Well all I do is go on Facebook, email my friends and watch funny cat videos”. Because our Government is storing your information, it has inadvertently created a honeypot for hackers and cyber criminals to exploit.  Hackers and cyber criminals want that information and they won’t stop until they get it.  The metadata that the Government has contains information about which banking websites you visit and which bills you pay, who you email and so on.

It’s all very scary but fear not, we can show you how you can negate the risk of hackers and cyber criminals getting their hands on your information and private life.  It’s actually very easy and not at all complicated to protect yourself, your personal and private information so allowing you for the most part to become anonymous online.

Let us show you how.