Regardless of your needs we can help you
We were not all born in the age of computers, smart phones and the internet.  Let’s face it, unless you spent your working life using computers, the internet and other technologies, you may be struggling with them.

As we become globally adventurous, families move further away from each other and technology offers so many great ways to stay in touch.  If you struggle with technology, staying in touch can become a challenge as more people use email, Facebook and Skype as methods of communication.

This is where we come in to help with our highly trained, patient and empathetic team who will patiently walk you through, step by step, each process until you become comfortable and capable in using your ‘technology’, for example your computer, mobile phone, computer or iPad/tablet.  We will even offer to boil the kettle to make you a nice cup of tea to help calm the frustrations that technology can create.  Fear not, we will have you zooming and zigzagging your way across the internet and your gadgets in no time at all.